Antalya & Dental Treatment

Flight and hotel bookings are arranged by professional travel agencies. We never do this arrangements due to Ministry of Health Turkey laws. We just can give some advices.

8 simple steps towards your perfect smile

Step 1: Get in touch

Let us know what your requirements are!

Fill in the contact form!

Step 2: Estimate

For an estimate of your treatment, we require certain information from you. We can either take this over the phone or you can fill out relevant information via the contact form as well as send x-ray images where relevant. Once we receive the form, we aim to come back to patients within 24hrs.

The estimate will list details of your treatment, including costs, timing and how many visits may be required to complete treatment.

Step 3: Confirmation

Agree on exact dates with us and book Your flights (we will advice you with this if You wish)

Step 4: Accommodation Arrangements

We will advice You with most suitable accommodation arrangements to Your needs.

Step 5: Welcome

Depending on the flight and accommodation arrangements, we will advice on how to best get to the clinic.

Step 6: Your dental treatment

Free consultation session.

Ahead of any treatment, we spend some time with you to understand what treatment you require. This consultation is free of charge and features a final assessment and cost proposal.

Step 7: Pay for your treatment

Payment is made after each session. Your bill, clearly stating all the work completed during every stage of the treatment, will be given to You for payment at the end of the each session.

Step 8: Aftercare

Our dental implants carry a life time guarantee and our crowns, bridges and veneers are guaranteed for 5 years. We are confident of our work and the materials that we use. Our guarantee requires You to maintain a high standard of oral hygiene and to visit a dentist for a check up every six months. You can visit Your own dentist for the checkups, however, all our checkups are free of charge, so why not plan a holiday around them!