Smile Design

Cosmetic consultasion

At this appointment we will listen to your needs, assess your problems, offer general options of treatment and answer your questions. Subsequent appointment we can make tooth models, take radiographs and photographic slides, record phonetic positions as well as make a detailed examination of your dentition.

Treatment Presentation

We generally prefer to complete a laboratory wax model of your proposed smile as this is a more predictable way of ensuring what you can expect and what is achievable. We analyses all of the collected data from your cosmetic consultation to create a detailed report of stages in your treatment sequence. This appointment is at no cost to you and provides a detailed breakdown of costs and options. You will be shown your tooth models and photographic slides and a thorough discussion of what you can expect during different stages of treatment.

Treatment Planning.

After you should choose to accept the treatment plan and proceed,then we organise a treatment schedule. Appointment times are organised and financial arrangements are discussed at this time together