Dental Implants

What is a dental implant?

Dental implant is a replacement for a missing natural tooth root. After the anchored,excess bone and gum grow around the implant,it holds firmly in place. Then artificial tooth can be attached to the implant. The final result is a strong stable tooth that looks like a natural tooth. The implant is made out of the titanium that is very well tolerated by the human body. The decision to have dental implants can be lifechanging.

Why is dental implant?

Dental implants prevent bone lose and stimulate bone growth. No other method of tooth replacement is so successful. If you wants a fixed bridge,your adjacent teeths must be cut down. But with implant ,adjacent teeths are not cut down. Implants only insert place of the missing tooth. Dental implants are natural looking long lasting solution to missing teeth. And implants can give you confidence to start smiling.

How many treatment phases are involved in getting dental implants ?

Implant treatment consist of two component. Surgial and restorative phase. As the body heals,approximately two to six months after the surgery, the bond around the implant fuses to the implant through a process called osteointegration.

How can I do maintenance my dental implants ?

Patient should always practice proper dental hygiene. When teeth and gums are not properly cleaned, bacterias can attack, causing gums to swell and jaw bone gradually recede. Recession of the jaw bone can weaken dental implants and eventually necessitate their removal. As well, smoking should be avoided after the operation. The proper care must be given.

Whose are can not use dental implant ?

Peoples who are uncontrolled diabetics or have severe phycicologic problems. Patient a large amount of bone lost are not good candidates. But with bone grafts complete the missing bone and allow the patient to have dental implant.

What is the bone grafts ?

The success of the dental implants dependent on how much bone is exit in the seat where the implant placed. Quantity and quality of the bone decrease is related to so many factors that including periodontal diseases, infections, trauma. But with nowadays techniques we can increase width of bone and height of bone. With those techniques we can fill all defects and anatomical voids of bone can be filled. Before the operation, if additional bone or bone repaire should be necessary, patient must be informed about this case. We commonly use bone in a bottle for graft. Sometimes this bone is either natural or synthetic materials. This is very effective and safe methods.

How are dentist trained to the dental implants ?

Most of dentist are trained dental implant through continuning education course. However more dentist either trained in speciality programs or in university based programs. Implant dentistry needs continuning education programs.

Does it hurt to place dental implant ?

Dental implant is done under local anbbesthesia and generally not painfull. About a few hours later,when the anesthesia wears off you may feel discomfort. The level of discomfort quite different from patient to patient. But most of them do not have significant problem. In this reason,your doctor will give you analgesic.